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My treats are priced based on ingredient cost, time, and complexity, so while chocolate chip cookies and vanilla sugar cookies might have similar ingredients, the cost of decorated sugar cookies will be higher because of the time required to decorate and the additional cost of frosting. In general, non-decorated cookies will cost between $15 – $20 per dozen while decorated sugar cookies will cost between $36 – $48 per dozen depending on the size and design.

When you order my cupcakes, you will indulge in a variety of flavors and textures that go above and beyond typical cake and frosting. Cupcakes cost from $24 to $36 per dozen.

French macarons are tricky, finicky, and decadent treats that generally cost around $24 per dozen with some slight variation based on fillings, flavors, and toppings.

For special occasions such as weddings, I’m happy to work with you on a tasting and sampling menu at the time of booking.