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Hi, I am Daniel Shane King.

I grew up as an unashamed uncooked-batter-eater and spatula-licker. I thoroughly enjoy fruitcake. I have a container of browned butter in my refrigerator next to a jar of bacon fat. I am always on the lookout for butter coupons. I find inspiration in savory dishes, the work of fellow bakers, and nostalgic baked goods and pastries from bygone eras.

The macarons were AMAZING! All 3 flavors! I think my favorite was the Gingerbread.

Katie King (no relation)

Pop-Up Shop Customer

The cupcakes Daniel provided were wonderful! Bourbon ball, lemon blueberry... his flavors were out of this world!

Ryan Hendrickson and Justin Hopper

Wedding customers

Daniel's sugar cookies were both beautifully decorated and delicious! I can't think of having a party without them.

Anne Lichtenberg

Birthday Party Customer

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